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red light therapyAt my clinic I have been very busy the last few weeks as I began offering infrared red and near infrared light therapy to my patients to treat a number of medical conditions. This red-light therapy works on the battery or power house of the cell which is called the Mitochondria. This therapy increases the cell energy output, by doing this the cell works more efficiently and can get rid of waste debris quickly by itself. My wife is a big tennis player and she plays five days a week. She recently twisted her knee and it was really hindering her ability to run. Her knee was swollen and it was painful for her to flex her knee past 90 degrees. If she sat down to long and then got up, she would hobble for several minutes. One evening she decided to try the red-light therapy for treatment on her knee. That night she woke me up at 3 A.M. saying “look my knee is bent, it is bending just like it was not even hurt”. There was no pain and no swelling in her knee. She is now a big believer in the red-light therapy.

Recently, I have been using the red-light therapy on patients with depression. It is exciting to hear the progression from them after doing several red-light sessions, they said that they were feeling more upbeat since doing the red light. There is research that says that the red light can penetrate the brain. Exactly how it works in the brain is something we still do not know. However, there does seem to be a lot of information that the red-light therapy can help with depression. The patients that have tried it would certainly agree with that! This therapy may be over looked by a number of professionals and this is because it is not a pharmaceutical product and it is cheap. The thing to note is that not every new treatment is necessarily costly. The red-light therapy costs our patients $ 20.00 per treatment. The red-light therapy has shown to treat all different types of conditions such as macular degeneration, PTSD, diabetic neuropathy, chronic wounds, crohn’s disease. Check with your doctor to see if you may benefit from red light therapy.

John Young, M.D.