Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG

You know none of us like to talk about it but we’re always on the lookout to prevent it or fix it. That annoying little leakage that happens when we cough, laugh, sneeze or exert ourselves. Hardly enough to use the word “incontinence” we assure ourselves, yet every bit as annoying and scary. Will it be more next time? Do I have protection?  When might it happen we wonder.

Early stress incontinence often begins slowly, years after having kids or gaining weight or just having a bladder that has lived as long as we have. It impacts our quality of life as we begin scouting bathrooms everywhere we go, having a change of clothes handy at all times, limiting activities that might cause us embarrassment.

Mild incontinence is when we are able to change underwear and not wear pad at all yet, or when leakages is mostly handled by one panty liner a day. Physical therapy can often help this but continuing home exercises is challenging. Happily, mild incontinence is too light to recommend a bladder sling operation but why wait to help it until its bad enough every day to actually need an operation.

Finally, there is something to help! We have been advancing minimally invasive therapies to help the vaginal walls under the bladder become stronger, building collagen to support the part that leaks. The therapy we use at Visionary is called Thermiva.

Thermiva is a gentle painless office procedure that uses a warming wand to gently heat the inside vaginal walls and the outside vulva. It rejuvenates collagen support, increases blood flow, and vaginal moisture, and helps the vaginal wall become stronger. Thermiva is a 30-minute treatment done over 3 monthly visits, then one maintenance treatment yearly to keep the benefits. Not only does it help urine stop leaking, we also get added benefits in the bedroom. Better blood flow, better moisture, better vaginal support around our partner.

It’s that easy.

Regain your personal confidence. Reclaim control over your bladder that you thought was gone for good.

For women that are bothered by an overactive bladder, we add a helpful treatment to calm the nerves around the bladder that comes from your own body. Stay tuned for more about calming and enhancing these very important nerves.

Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG, is Tampa Bay’s ONLY Cosmetic Gynecologist. She is the expert in progressive treatments for vaginal function and vulvar aesthetics. Her practice, Visionary Centre for Women, is conveniently located in Feathersound.