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Florida’s air quality ranks among the nation’s best

Florida’s air quality ranks among the nation’s best even as the state’s population continues to grow. According to the 2016 “State of the Air” report by the American Lung Association, Florida has 28 cities in 10 counties that are among the cleanest in the nation.

Photo Credit - Jim Mullhaupt

Photo Credit – Jim Mullhaupt

During the past three years, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Air Resource Management has invested nearly $1.5 million to modernize Florida’s air monitoring network, making it one of the most robust networks in the country. This network, which covers nearly 92 percent of the state’s 20 million residents, provides the department with the valuable data needed to ensure Florida’s air quality is in compliance with federal standards.

The department’s air division and local programs monitor and collect data on five key air pollutants. Measures of several key pollutants – carbon monoxide, ozone and particulate matter – continue to trend downward.

Air emissions of key industrial pollutants contributing to the formation of ozone and fine particulate matter continue to decline in Florida – a 63-percent reduction since 1985. DEP’s online search tool, AirInfo, provides public access to information on regulated facilities including air permits, compliance data, annual emissions rates and facility location.

With 174 state parks and trails, 35 state forests and hundreds of city and county parks providing an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, clean air is a critical component to exploring and enjoying all that Florida’s natural beauty has to offer. Florida’s exceptional air quality ensures that recreating and exercising outdoors is enjoyable for everyone. Florida’s Air Quality System, FLAQS, provides up-to-date air quality information from a network of monitoring sites throughout the state.