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Have you noticed there are a lot of people suffering with anxiety and depression? I am surprised at how many of my friends tell me how they have never mentioned it to their doctor; but that they do have a fair amount of anxiety in their life. In looking back over my patients’ anxiety it is becoming a more common complaint.

I was reading John Meyers book the other night on “the medical approach to health and disease”; he was the chief of medicine at Johns Hopkins back in the 50s to the 70s. In one of the chapters he talks of the importance of an element called Lithium. Yes..Lithium is an element, one of 103 elements in the Periodic chart. It is or was found in the soil years ago. But with our farming techniques we have not replenished this element. So why is this element so important? Because without Lithium you cannot make Dopamine, which is the neuro transmitter that is responsible for the happy good feelings you can feel.

So we have been checking Lithium levels in our anxiety and depressed patients. And guess what?! Every single one of them has low Lithium levels! 100%! Now we have been giving elemental Lithium supplements to our patients. We are not using Lithium Carbonite which is the drug companies answer to the real thing elemental Lithium. Lithium Carbonite can have some very toxic side effects, whereas elemental Lithium supplementation has very little side effects. We start at a low dose at 5mg a day and will slowly increase to 120mg a day. And sure enough, we are starting to see results with less depression and less anxiety and an improved overall mental outlook.

We had a teenager come in with a diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder. She was on a lot of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. The doctors had never checked her Lithium level but went straight to the drugs. The drugs really never worked for her. She had seen 24 different doctors for her condition without results. We fixed her low Lithium level and got her off all her drugs except 1…behold, she is feeling better.
If you are feeling blah or depressed or anxious, you may not have a Prozac or Xanax or Valium deficiency, you may have a Lithium deficiency. Be sure to have your doctor check your lithium levels. That may be the cause of how you feel.